Head To The Sycamore Farmers Market Every Tuesday

Sycamore Farmers Market

If you buy your fruits and veggies from the grocery store, it’s time to make a change. You can get all the fruits and vegetables you want, plus so much more, by going to the Sycamore Farmers Market. The market is every Tuesday from 3 to 7 p.m., June through September. It’s located on the corner of State and Sacramento streets.

Check out some reasons why you don’t want to miss this farmers market.

Meet the Farmers

When you visit the Sycamore Farmers Market, you will get to talk to the farmers who grow the food you eat. The farmers aren’t just there to sell you food, either: They will give you some tips on cooking the various items and even explain how to properly store your purchases. Farmers know their products inside and out, so this information is very helpful.

Buy More than Fruits and Vegetables

Do you think farmers markets only have fruits and vegetables for sale? If so, you’ll be shocked when you see all the items available at the Sycamore Farmers Market. You can get some freshly baked bread or a sweet treat. You can also find spices, olive oil, and more. Be sure to grab some local honey and jam. It’s all so fresh and delicious.

Dress Up Your Garden

You can even get plants and flowers at the farmers market. Locals bring their best annuals and perennials to the market to sell. The market is often an explosion of color due to all the gorgeous plants.

Grab Some Art

Sycamore has a thriving local art scene, and many craftspeople and artists bring their items to the farmers market to sell. You can find the perfect gift for a loved one or find something to display in your own home. As an added bonus, you can meet the artist who created the piece.

Listen to Music

Sycamore also has some amazing musicians, and many of them perform at the farmers market. The music makes shopping even more fun, and you might discover a new favorite local artist.

Support the Local Community

Shopping at the farmers market is also a great way to support the local community. When you buy from a big box store, only a fraction of the money you spend stays in the local community; the same isn’t true for shopping at a farmers market. Much of the money you spend will stay right here in Sycamore. The money can boost the economy and make Sycamore and even better place to live.

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And So Much More

There are tons of reasons to shop at the Sycamore Farmers Market. You can help the environment, meet local members of the community, and more. Make plans to attend next Tuesday. You are sure to be impressed with this market.

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