Sushi Places Near Sycamore

Sushi near Sycamore

When you have a craving for sushi, nothing else will do! But you want to make sure you only go to the best places for this particular specialty. Luckily, we have a lot of delicious options for sushi near Sycamore. Here are a few of our favorites.

Omi Sushi

Omi Sushi is a great place to get some sushi near Sycamore. You may have visited before when the restaurant was called Haru of Japan. Omi Sushi has more than 24 types of sashimi you can purchase by the piece and more than 80 different sushi rolls. You’ll never get bored offering off that menu! You can also enjoy Korean-style entrees at both lunch and dinner. Omi Sushi is at 3206 Sycamore Road, DeKalb.

Fushi Yami

For a fun night out, you’ll love going to Fushi Yami. With hibachi, noodle dishes, and sushi on the menu, there’s something for everyone at this great local spot. On the sushi menu, you can choose from nigiri and sashimi pieces, signature rolls, uramaki rolls, futomaki rolls, hosomaki rolls, a special vegetarian section of the menu, and even combination options that let you try the best that Fushi Yami has to offer. Find the restaurant at 822 West Lincoln Highway, DeKalb.


Another great choice for a sushi dinner out is Mikimoto. They have a huge variety of vegetarian and seafood-based sushi sure to please any palette. And for those who are squeamish about raw fish sushi, they even have a section of the menu with rolls that only include cooked proteins. Diners can also enjoy noodle dishes, hibachi, and fried rice options. Mikimoto is located at 826 West Lincoln Highway, DeKalb.

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Tapa La Luna

Our last pick for sushi might seem a little unconventional, but Tapa La Luna should not be overlooked! Their sushi selection fits right in with the rest of their tapas-heavy menu. Try their house roll with tempura crab, cream cheese, and red pepper covered in a sweet eel sauce. This is the perfect spot when everyone wants something different, since you can order anything from peanut chicken tapas to gourmet sliders to pizza. Check out Tapa La Luna at 226 East Lincoln Highway, Dekalb.

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