See A Ballet By NIU School Of Theatre And Dance

Le Corsaire

When was the last time you went out and saw a ballet? For some people, this is a relatively regular occurrence. But for others, it’s low on their list of priorities. But if you haven’t spent much time at the ballet, you probably don’t realize what an enriching experience it can be. Seeing amazing dancers twirl and dance around the stage is incredible, and you will be in awe at their talent. In addition, you’re likely to enjoy the story just as much as the dancing.

But where can you catch a ballet when you live in the Sycamore area? Well, when you make plans to see Le Corsaire performed by the NIU School of Theatre and Dance, you’re going to have a wonderful time. Not only are these dancers extremely talented, but this is one of the most exciting and action-packed ballets you’ve ever seen. You can catch the performance from Thursday, April 25, to Sunday, April 28, at either 7:30 p.m. or 2 p.m., depending on the day. Get your tickets now so you can be sure to make it to the performance at the Northern Illinois University School of Theatre and Dance.

The Story

You may think that going to the ballet is all about dancing, but there’s actually a story for you to follow when you attend this performance of Le Corsaire, and it’s going to be spectacular. The ballet was inspired by a poem by Lord Byron, and it’s filled with pirates, romance, and more. There really is something for everyone. Whether you want to see a couple fall in love or are looking forward to the action-packed adventure scenes, this story really packs a punch. That may be why it’s one of the most famous ballets out there.

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Support Students

Do you like seeing students spread their wings and tackle new and difficult tasks? That’s just what the performers at this ballet are doing. When you go and see the performance, you know you are supporting students who are chasing their dreams. That may even be more rewarding than just seeing the ballet itself.

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